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We improve the sport of off-road motorcycle riding through conservation, legislation and education.

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Free SCORR T-Shirt and Red Bull for Multi-Use Single Track (MUST) Trail Building Volunteers.


We had a great turn out for our first “MUST” trail building event in Breckenridge on Saturday June 11th. 30 people joined us from several user groups with the most being SCORR members. It goes so fast, with so many people, burning off so much Red Bull. Thanks everybody!


Please sign-up on the FDRD website at or just show up at 8:30 am with a lunch and ready to build some trail!

Event: Golden Horseshoe Trail Building, Breckenridge, CO
Where: Next to the 7-11 on Huron road in Breckenridge, CO. Look for the FDRD sign.
When: 8:30 am, Saturday, July 16, 2016 until about noon or 1 pm.

Event: Tenderfoot Mountain Trail Building, Dillon, CO
Where: Please check for directions.
When: 8:30 am, Saturday, August 13, 2016 until about noon or 1 pm.
When: 8:30 am, Saturday, September 10, 2016 until about noon or 1 pm.



Summit County Off-Road Riders and has recently donated $1,000 the Friends of the Dillon Ranger District for helping to build new multi-use single track trails this summer. This money comes directly from SCORR members and local corporate sponsors.

“These new trails will be open to off-highway motorcycles, but will also provide a new opportunity for mountain bike riders and hikers,” says Ken Waugh, Dillon Ranger District Recreation Staff Officer.

3 miles of new trail were built last year in the Golden Horseshoe area above Breckenridge, CO on the “One Step Over” and the “Bookcase” trail. 8 of 20 miles of multi-use single track have been built on Tenderfoot Mountain above Dillon, CO.

SCORR received grants totaling $188,900 from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife to help build these new multi-use single track trails. This allowed for the hiring of a local seasonal trail crew supervisor, the Rocky Mountain Youth Corps trail crew, plus a new mini-excavator!

The Friends of the Dillon Ranger District helps SCORR with trail crew logistics. What we need now are people to help build these trails. FDRD will coordinate one-day trail projects with volunteers from SCORR, Summit Mountain Bikers, the Summit High Mountain Bike Team, and Team Summit Velo.

“It is super satisfying to ride trail you have helped to lay out and build.” Sharon Stackhouse/ SCORR volunteer.

SCORR on parade